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I come from a family of lion tamers and zoo owners. I grew up hearing heaps of stories about my grandpa. From swimming into flooded California waters to rescue full grown mountain lions to getting calls from the local PD to come pick up a stray lion or tiger being held by biker gangs; they were always action packed and mind blowing. While the craziness of that life led my parents to strive for something simpler; the stories remained. From a young age I was hooked on storytelling. My parents would always say that the only thing that could get me to sit still was turning on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for hours on end. Movies and books became a pillar of my childhood. As I grew older, I would hear more and more of my familyโ€™s past and began to build an interest in documentary style filmmaking. While I ended up furthering my education by becoming an Engineer, this paved the way for me to become a more competent filmmaker. After college I had the tools to problem solve, adapt and learn to a level which I had not believed possible. These combined interests have helped develop me into a creative that cares deeply about story without ever compromising the technically beautiful and detail abundant side of film.

It is my mission to film for couples that are self-aware and have a vision of what they want out of life. I never go into shooting a wedding with a preconceived idea about what an edit will become. EVERY couple is different. Your combined personalities tell your own special story and I want to be able to capture your essence in such a way that highlights YOU. I have no doubt that all the hard work you have put into your wedding day will make it beautiful. I want to help make your film, your story and your experience EVEN BETTER.