I’m glad that you love my filming style, and I hope to capture your wedding day!

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• Do you only film in Ohio?

○   NO! While I am based out of NE Ohio, I LOVE traveling to new places and meeting new people. Just let me know where you’d like me to shoot and I will pack my bags!

• What is RAW footage? Do you offer it as an add-on?

○  RAW footage includes a series of sort clips, straight out of the camera, taken throughout your wedding day. This footage can include shaky, duplicate and non-color graded shots. Much RAW footage is impossible to open on your computer without video editing software due to non-standard codecs and large file sizes. This type of footage is great if you intend to hire someone to edit your wedding video or if you have the means to do the edit on your own. I offer this footage on a case-by-case basis. Please ask if you’re interested! 

○ For couples who simply would like to view every shot that I’ve taken throughout the day, I offer a FOMO edit. This edit will include all usable clips from the day lined up in chronological order! It is essentially a glorified home video edit of your wedding. **All add-ons are included on top of the selected base package.**

**The FAQ section gets updated as needed! If you have a question about something that hasn’t been answered above, shoot me an email!